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Friday, April 12, 2013

New York City-Toronto-Barbados-Montreal 2013 (part 5)

Part 5
March 23-March 31, 2013
Anniversary Trip
New York City

March 27- Woke up this morning to a light shower...  which we were left with this :)

Today was another busy day of sight-seeing..  our first stop was the Concorde Experience.  This was not high on my list, but it was on my husbands, Gary

Next stop was Bottom Bay... probably the prettiest beach to me in Barbados.

From here we made our way to Bathsheba... also one of the prettiest areas to me on the island.  I also enjoyed the drive to Bathsheba, much better than in the cities.

Our last stop was Hunte's Garden..  so pretty and Anthony was so much fun to chat with..

Did a little driving around before stopping by the grocery store on our way home, back to room fro the evening.

And again sunset:)

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  1. Beautiful pictures of Bottom Bay....looks breathtaking.