Tuesday, November 11, 2014

France & Italy 2014 - Cannes & Monaco

After a great FULL day in Nice we trained the next morning to Cannes then onto Monaco.  We had such a wonderful time at both places.   The trip was everything I wanted it to be and more which is always good when you plan a trip for a couple years...

Next stop is Santa Margherita

Saturday, October 18, 2014

France & Italy 2014 - Nice

France & Italy
September 5-20, 2014
Lufthansa flight Airbus A380-800.  

I have been planning this trip for a couple years.  Yes, we did go on several trips in between.. but this one required 2 weeks vacation and more money.  FINALLY we went..  and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!  We had the best time.  I know this will be a LONG review in several parts.  

We stayed in Nice for 3 nights and we LOVED it.  The hotel Le Petit Trianon was a great location with shops and restaurants near and close to bus/train station.  Just a few steps from the water.  Originally I wasn't planning on staying in Nice however we were planning on Monaco and Cannes so this was a great base for the 3 days..  

Le Petit Trianon

The first day we went to an Antique fair they have every Monday in the Old Town.  Then from there we did the Castle Hill walk which has great views.  We also squeezed in the Rothschild Villa in St-Jean Cap-Ferrat

A few shots out and about Nice

We loved Nice...  everything about it.  Ready to go back :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Antigua - Part TWO

November 23-29,2013
American Airlines via Miami
Barrymore Beach Club
Part Two!

Up and ready to go........  after breakfast!

Today we just drove around looking at different beaches and scenery...  First stop was Jolly Harbour

We also visited Darwood Beach...Carlisle Bay

Next stop was Nelson's Dockyard

Out and about Antigua

Sugar Cane

After a full day of sightseeing...  Sunset and time to relax

Today was a relaxing day.  We decided to walk to Fort Bay Beach and and to Fort James.

Fort James

Nice relaxing day...  


Today was probably my favorite day.. We went to Half Moon Bay (my favorite beach) 

Our next stop was Fort Barrington 
Climbing up!

Can you see the car (red)

Going back down

Back to the rental for our last sunset and Thanksgiving Dinner :)

Thanksgiving Dinner
Last Sunset

Our last day in Antigua... flying out that afternoon...  had a relaxing breakfast then packed up

We headed to to the airport EARLY.  Since it had taken so long arriving through customs we were not sure how long it would take.  I think it was like 15 minutes.  

I did do a little Black Friday shopping :)

Last photo at the rental :)

Headed home............

Welcome home LOL

We did a mini photo session... here is the link


Final thoughts!!!!

Wondering if you should go to Antigua???  The answer is YES!  Antigua is beautiful and relaxing!!!  The people are so friendly...  

We loved Antigua!!