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Friday, April 12, 2013

New York City-Toronto-Barbados-Montreal 2013 (part 8)

March 23-March 31, 2013 Part 8
Anniversary Trip
New York City

March 30- Saying goodbye to last walk on the beach.. a walk around the neighborhood....

Bobbie our guard dog for the week

A little shopping...a little snack... then to the airport... one more stop before home.. Montreal!

Goodbye Barbados.. until next time........

My tips on Barbados...

*If you go on a holiday like Good Friday be sure to plan ahead for food/gas etc.

*Take an extra camera.  Out Olympus camera broke on the last day.  It was the second one we have had.  The other one also broke on vacation.  So I don't recommend that brand.

*Barbados (in the cities) is VERY busy and there a lot of people.  

*Food is more expensive so we also take staples like sweeteners, coffee, creamer, snacks...etc

* We carry our own snorkel gear

I did a lot of research on Barbados before we went, however I was not expecting it to be so populated.  The streets are very narrow and there are a lot of people out and about.. so driving can be a little harry...
Since we stayed in a residential area we had to drive to have dinner/lunch.  It seemed hard to find restaurants .  we did find fast food chains that we ate at during lunch but we chose to eat dinner in every night...
We didn't have any issues while there.  I felt safe the whole time and the locals were very friendly!  A great trip!!!

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