Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Santiago Chile & Easter Island 2017

We celebrated our 26th Anniversary in our 26th country together!!  We had a wonderful trip and made a lot of wonderful memories!

March 19-26

We flew into Santiago and had one day before our flight the next morning to Easter Island.  We rented a car and drove into the mountains to sight see!  The vineyards in the Casablanca area are so pretty.

We stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn at the airport.  So convenient for connecting flights.  We had dinner that evening at the hotel.  It was very good

Early flight to Easter Island!!!!!!!!!!  We flew LATAM Airlines.  Super comfortable plane.

When you arrive on Easter Island its best to get in line to get your park passes to all the sights.  I think they cost $80 USD per person


Park Passes stamped at each location you visit

We stayed at Kona Koa and we LOVED it..

A few tips.

Take cash...they don't accept credit cards
No AC.  Really no problem..we only had one night where it was hot in the evening.


Out and About

Ahu Tongariki at sunrise was AMAZING

We only stayed on Easter Island 4 nights.  That is plenty of time to see everything however I would have stayed a couple more nights if I go again.

The one gas station

 Rano Kau volcano

Great sunsets on Easter Island.  We were sad to leave..  onto Santiago for a couple days

Santiago Chile

We stayed at Matildas Hotel Boutique.  This is hands down one of my most favorite hotels I've ever stayed in!!

The sights of Santiago

Thank you Santiago.. Until next time