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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going back to Cali

August 13-19, 2008
Day 1 – Wednesday -13th
Left the house Cali bound at 4:30 AM… made it to airport 1.5 hours away and checked in for flight no problems..
Slept on the plan… had breakfast…uneventful flight.
Arrived in San Francisco around 9:40… got rental car.. then off to Lombard Street…. After driving around for a bit…we finally found it… got out walked around.. took pictures… on way back stopped at Swenson’s for our first of many ice cream stops…. 49 mile drive was next… this took most of the day.. gives you great views of bridge from different angles… on the way…we stopped at a grocery store to stock up on drinks and snacks for trip and for room…
1. The Palace of Fine Arts
2. National Cemetery
3. Grace Cathedral
5. Coit Tower and much more
Went to Ghirardelli Square… did a little shopping… sightseeing…
Drove to room (about 15 miles out) Crowne Plaza
Had pizza delivered to room for dinner that night. A good nights rest!!!
Day 2 – Thursday- 14th
Up around 8 AM…. Ate at IHOP..before heading into San Francisco… Parked near Fisherman’s Wharf…went to Blazing Saddles to rent bikes to ride over the bridge. Had a great time riding over the bridge. It was very foggy but fun to say the least. Took about 30 min to get over the bridge. Had to stop for photo opts. After we got across the bridge…then rode down to Sausalito. Loved this little village.. so pretty… shopped here and ate lunch at a little sandwich shop. Enjoyed Lappert’s ice cream a favorite we found in Hawaii!
Rode the ferry back to Fisherman’s Warf.. overall the trip tool about 3.5 hours.. returned bikes… bought a tee that says “I biked the bridge” Then onto Pier 39 to see the Sea Lions. There were a lot of them out there… they were so cute… fighting with each other…making a lot of noise.. very cute! I LOVED seeing them. Did some shopping on Fisherman’s Warf… Had dinner close to the hotel… drove that evening to Half Moon Bay. Slow, foggy drive. Just drove to beach and looked around.
Last night in San Francisco. Packed that evening to leave early the next morning. Heading to LA!
Day 3 - Friday- 15th
Up around 8 am to head out to LA… drove the PCH! VERY foggy at the beginning of the trip. Didn’t really clear up until we arrived in Big Sur. Coast is very pretty… great drive… fog or not… Did the 17-mile drive to see Pebble Beach.. very pretty location… Stopped in Big Sur for lunch and to stretch our legs.. Had hot dogs for lunch… LOL… Stopped at Ano Nuevo State Reserve to see Elephant sea lions… very neat to see them… I really enjoyed it… headed onto LA..
Drove through Monterey and Carmel… didn’t have time to stop and shop etc… really needed more time on the PCH!
Had to head inland towards then end of drive.. getting too dark PLUS we were very tired and were ready to get to LA!
My first view of city of lights was WOW… amazing…Very pretty!
Stayed at Seal Beach, Ayres Hotel. Very nice hotel… free parking and free full breakfast in the mornings. A little far out if you are planning on going back and forth to like Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Room was very clean and nice… felt good to FINALLY be out of the car! Drove through Wendy’s really late…took food back to the room!
Day 4 - Saturday-16th
Slept in until around 9AM…Ate breakfast at the hotel… dove to Hollywood…Parked at Highland and Hollywood.. saw first glimpse of the Hollywood sign from here… Did the Mann’s Chinese Theater…Had my picture made with an Elvis impersonator…. This is something I have wanted to do forever… FINALLY… just a shame it was Elvis in the later years..LOL…Hollywood Walk… walked a few blocks saw the stars… took pictures with a few… Elvis’ star had flowers…(flowers were honoring his death August 16th)
Souvenir shopped….ate a slice of pizza…
From here we drove to the Hollywood sign.. took a short hike to get closer to the sign….. took pictures… VERY NEAT!
Next stop was the Getty… pretty flower gardens… arrived here around 6 PM…. Saw Van Gogh’s Iris.. Stayed a couple hours… then drive back to room… Wendy’s again for dinner… too much sight seeing for a decent meal…LOL
Day 5 – Sunday 17th
Up around 7:30.. breakfast again at the hotel… Went to Westwood Village and Memorial park to see Marilyn Monroe’s final resting place… also saw… Don Knotts… Dean Martin and a few other faves… then we headed to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive… stopped at a neat Farmer’s Market… beautiful flowers… wishing I could take some home with me! Spent an hour or so window shopping… taking pictures on Rodeo Drive…Ate Mexican…and of course another ice cream…LOL!
Drove around Beverly Hills at took in the Amazing houses.. WOW!!! Drove buy the Playboy Mansion.. I now have a picture of Hugh Heffer’s gate..LOL! Also drove to Brentwood so I could see Marilyn Monroe’s last house.. I also have a picture of her wooden fence..or current owner’s.
Next stop was Universal City Walk… needed to get a few Hard Rock souvenirs for niece and sister-n law… I of course had to have a Hard Rock café tee! Looked around for about 2 hours then back to the room!
Day 6 – Monday-18th
Up again around 7:30…breakfast at the hotel!
Beach day!!!
Today we drove the beaches from Newport to Malibu…Saved Santa Monica for last day….
Newport was VERY pretty… did a little shopping… walked along the beach…
Hermosa, stopped here to see the beach house from 90210.
Venice Beach was different to say the least,… lots of vendors… people everywhere… stayed a couple hours… shopped… enjoy the sights…
Malibu Beach was the last beach of the day. Nicest area to me…
From here we went to Groves and Farmers Market.. at Cheesecake factory… YUM Pasta… finally a decent meal after fast food all week….Walked around Farmer’s Market.. bought a few souvenirs… enjoyed the markets!
Day 7 – Tuesday-19th
Flying home!
Today… up around 7:30….ate breakfast,,, then went to room to pack for flight home…
Left hotel by about 9:30… went to Santa Monica, 3rd and Promenade… walked around for about 2 hours… shopped… enjoyed the gorgeous day at the beach!!
In and Out burgers were next on the list.. and YUM.. I even ate a cheeseburger… LOL So unlike me since I hardly eat red meat…it was very good! Decided from here to head to airport.. a little early… it was a good thing. Getting through security was a long process…Finally through with an hour to spare….
Gary slept all the way home… I watched Leatherheads and typed my trip review…
Overall we had a great time… I think a little too much driving… hotel was an excellent choice.. no complaints other than far out from most tourist attractions…unless you are there for the beaches in that area…
Wonderful trip!!!!!!!!!
Loved the time I had in CA! Will be BACK!!!

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