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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Chicago 2010

Christmas in Chicago
December 24-26, 2010

We decided to take a weekend trip to Chicago during Christmas.  We had been once before in the Spring so we were very excited to celebrate the holidays there.

Friday-Christmas Eve

We had to leave the house around 3:30 am to catch our 6:30 flight.  Seat was open between us.. so I had room to lay down and sleep.  We arrived EARLY Christmas Eve..  It was snowing when we arrived.  Rode the "L" train into downtown.  We then stopped off at Starbucks to finally have coffee for the morning plus to warm us up as we walked to the hotel.

We decided to stay at The Drake Hotel.  The hotel is really pretty.. a lot of history.  Royalty and stars have stayed there.  Room was very nice.  Reminded us a lot of the Waldorf in NYC.  Hotel staff is wonderful!

We checked in... unpacked.  Then to grab lunch on our way to the Willis Tower (Sears) we decided to walk (should have rode the bus LOL) Finally made it to the tower and the visibility was bad.. SO back into town to shop..   Went to Macy's (former Marshall Fields) to see the tree.  AMAZING..  I loved the tree..... We also went to the Art Institute of Chicago (second time for us)

Shopped the Magnificent mile... then dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

Saturday-Christmas Day

Had coffee in the room before heading out to the Wills Tower (again) Today there was less snow and the skies were trying to clear up.  Rode the bus and arrived around noon...  Enjoyed the view.  Beautiful.  Saw Santa.  Stayed for an hour or so...
All of the stores were closed.  A few places like Walgreens and a Dunkin Donuts were open.  We went back to the room to freshen up for our Christmas dinner at  The Grill on the Alley.  Loved the restaurant.  Food was good..  they have HUGE servings.
After lunch we went back to the  room for a nap... 

Around 6pm went back out to John Hancock Tower.  The night views are even better than the day views.  They have a restaurant Lavazza Cafe,  at the top.  Gary had a sandwich and I had Gelato.  Stayed and enjoyed the views.  So nice....  A great Christmas.

Sunday-Going home

Our flight was scheduled to leave around 7pm.  Had breakfast at Lavazza Cafe (right next to hotel)  We decided to go do some after Christmas shopping...  Macy's...Bloomingdale... Saks.... :)

We walked out to the water ( hotel was next to the water) Went back to hotel at 1pm..  had a later checkout...  Then lunch at Giodano's Pizzeria...YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Best meal we had here.  From here we walked to the "L" for our trip back to the airport. 

We brought out leftover pizza home (it actually made it through security...we weren't sure..LOL)
Gary bought Garrett popcorn for the ride home.

Back in Houston late..

Chicago was wonderful...  we had a GREAT time.  Already planning the next adventure.

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