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Monday, January 2, 2017

St Kitts/Nevis 2016

We went to St Kitts and Nevis over Thanksgiving Break and it was one of the most relaxing trips we have had in awhile.  St Kitts is BEAUTIFUL.  Beauty everywhere

We stayed at  Charming Island Cottage

View from Cottage of Nevis

The outdoor shower 

Our Spot

View from Bed


We loved it.  Very relaxing set back from the ocean.  Great views and so quiet.  No one around except the monkeys.

 Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park 

Romney Manor

Shipwreck Beach Bar

Downtown/Port Zante

Black Friday Shopping

Hiking Mount Liamuiga

We had a great hike on Thanksgiving Day... a hard hike but worth it...  monkeys in trees going and coming.  I would plan to go as early as possible since it is about 2.5 hours both ways.  It gets very slippery if it rains and it poured rain all the way down..  

Turn off to hike

Out and about

Monkeys at the cottage



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