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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Antigua - Part ONE

November 23-29,2013
American Airlines via Miami
Barrymore Beach Club
Part One!

We decided to take a trip to Antigua for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  An early morning flight out of Houston.  We were ready for the beach :)

Arriving in Antigua was so great...  The island is beautiful!  When we got off the plane there was live music playing at the airport.  Waiting in the customs line was probably the worst thing about the trip.  We thought we had arrived early enough to rent the car and get to the house rental before dark.  We didn't. We stood in the customs line for over 2 hours, then another 30 minutes at car rental.  So with directions given we made it to the rental.

First view of the room and the beach was amazing.  We were SO CLOSE to the beach.  The waves were very loud.  We always try to stay on the beach but never this close.  The owners son was getting married when we arrived so the music was an added bonus :)  We got the key...  dropped off luggage and left again to get a few groceries to get us through the next day!

La Bissoula restaurant is located on the property

The next morning we finally got to see just how BEAUTIFUL the view is from the room.  It is amazing!!!

Beautiful rainbow the first morning!!

We decided to go hiking today.  Started the hike at Wallings Dam and hiked to Rendezvous Bay.  I couldn't find enough information on how many miles it was overall.  We made the mistake of not taking water.  I was thinking a hour in, a hour out...  it was most of the day trip.  I think it took us around 6 hours.  I have NEVER made the mistake of not being prepared.  We did have water in the car when we finished.  Just took longer than we planned.  Overall it was a good hike to a beautiful location.  Just remember to take water!

Back to rental after a LONG day.. showers and sunset :)

The next morning we slept in a little then decided to do a little snorkeling and then sightseeing!  We went to Long Bay to snorkel.  I had read on Trip Advisor the snorkeling was not that great from the beach. We agree.  We did see a few fish but decided it wasn't a great island for snorkeling off the beach.  We had a snack here and did a little shopping.

Drying $$ after snorkeling :)
Next stop was Devil's Bridge

Then we went to Shirley Heights so I could see Eric Clapton's house :)  I tried to get closer later in the week...  to no avail.

The next few pictures are here and there on our way back to the rental.

Another great day in Paradise!!

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